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Regulation for the review of academic paper

Review is performed for the academic paper(s) which is(are) to be published in International of Journal of Railway.
The editor appoints three persons who are recognized as proper expertise to the committee of judge to examine the paper and request the review by sending them the papers. And the names of judging committee is to remain anonymous except the minimum scope for the request of review. However, the consent from committee of judge can be recognized as an exception.
Committee of judge can exchange opinions with the author by intermediation of the editor.
Committee of judge should send its opinions of review within the prescribed period of time after the request of review in order to explain the reason of the judgment.
Period of review is one months.
Extra remuneration is paid for the member of committee who sends his or her opinion according to the financial status of the society.
The editor makes the decision of publication, correction and complement in contemplation of judge's opinion. However, in case of absent some of the opinions from the judging committee within prescribed period of review, the judgment can be made with the opinions(s) sent to the editor.
Request of the rereview from the author is not acceptable.